Echo Chamber

A sound installation and photography project inspired by World War I conscientious objectors. Created by Fiona Kam Meadley, Dominic Thomas and Ruth Davey. Echo Chamber was presented and the the Friends Meeting House London August 2016 and at the Stroud … more >

dowr yntr tus

1998 -2001, Galleri 21 Malmo Sweden. Also shown as dobhar eidir tuath at Triskel Art Centre, Cork, Eire December 2001 Plastic (bottle tops) collected from the coasts of Cornwall, Southwest Ireland, Brittany, Wales and Scotland. Wall texts in Cornish, Irish, … more >


Installation work at Merrywalks, Stroud 1997. Thistledown, electric fan, timer, double sided tape     DRIFT presents the natural phenomenon of wind dispersed thistle seeds with the assistance of an electric fan within the confines of a window display. The … more >