To celebrate the launch of the Fungusloci micro-farm Dominic curated MycoCulture, an exhibition of art and design inspired by the world of mycology and microbiology. The exhibition Includes works by Simon Ryder, Aimee Lax, Kate Southworth & Glorious Ninth and … more >

Home from Home

Site specific project developed for Curiouser and Curiouser at Bouton House, Gloucestershire, 2004 Home from Home – A History 1509 Jamaica, then called Santiago, settled by Spanish adventurer Juan de Esquivel. 1655 Jamaica is seized by the English from Spanish. … more >

dowr yntr tus

1998 -2001, Galleri 21 Malmo Sweden. Also shown as dobhar eidir tuath at Triskel Art Centre, Cork, Eire December 2001 Plastic (bottle tops) collected from the coasts of Cornwall, Southwest Ireland, Brittany, Wales and Scotland. Wall texts in Cornish, Irish, … more >