The Museum of Contemporary Cultures


Fungusloci, Strouds one and only urban mushroom farm, celebrated its first anniversary by hosting an exhibition and events programme that explored the art of inter-species collaboration: humans and microbiology working together in the production of food, drink and other artifacts.

The temporary museum included a wide range of produce from the world of brewing, fermentation and culturing. It contained well-known culinary items such as breads, beers, wine, vinegar, cheese, yoghurt and chocolate as well as less familiar cultured produce from around the world like Tempeh, kefir, kombucha tea, kimchee, and some home furnishings.

The BioDomestic Workshops was a series of hands on DIY workshops, demonstrations and talks lead by some of Strouds most cultured producers that explored the skills and techniques needed to work with wild and cultivated yeasts, fungi, bacteria and microbes in the home.

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