Young Roots

a video production project devised and produced in collaboration with members of Swindon Underground Youth Club and Cirencester College Media Department.


Starring (as themselves)
Adrienne Southern
Asta Page
Becky Wickens
Jamie Carter
Kim Bell
Laura O’Sullivan
Megan O’Sullivan
Megan Strange
Mia Read
Mitchell Brennan
Rebecca Johnson
Sarah Collyer
Sophie Coleman

And Introducing
Ben Strange as the Youth Worker

The Paleontologist was
Dr Neville Hollingworth, Science in Society Programme, Science and Technology Facilities Council, Swindon

Dig interviews and workshop facilitator Anna Bonallack

Camera Operators
students of Cirencester College Media department
Callum Jackson
Matthew Eames
Ryan Edwards
Liam Taylor

Production Assistants and Poets
Cheryl Waldock
Marcus Moore

Casting (Underground Youth Leader) Carole-Anne Rapson

Directed and Edited by Dominic Thomas

Executive Producer & Project Co-ordinator Lesley Green

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