Gloucestershire’s first urban mushroom micro farm opened in March 2015. Fungusloci mushroom farm has been diverting tons of commercial waste from landfill, using the coffee grounds from local cafes as the growing medium for producing highly prized nutritious oyster mushrooms. … more >

BioDomestic Workshops

A series of hands on DIY workshops, demonstrations and talks lead by some of Strouds most cultured producers that explore the skills and techniques needed to work with wild and cultivated yeasts, fungi, bacteria and microbes in the home. The … more >

The Museum of Contemporary Cultures

Fungusloci, Strouds one and only urban mushroom farm, celebrated its first anniversary by hosting an exhibition and events programme that explored the art of inter-species collaboration: humans and microbiology working together in the production of food, drink and other artifacts. … more >

Garden & Horticulture writing

Series of articles and photography produced for Adhoc magazine of the Convent club, Woodchester. In early January I visit the garden again and although it’s early afternoon the sun is already dipping below the hills behind the Covent. Ragged clouds … more >

Brewery Mushroom Trials

In October 2013 I started a series of mushroom cultivation trials with Stroud Brewery. The trials were carried out in order to determine the viability of using waste products from the brewing process as growing substrates for oyster mushrooms. Spent … more >

Edible Landscapes

  Regular wild food and natural resources workshops, Chalford, Glos 2012 -14. Edible Landscape was a series of monthly guided walks that explored local landscapes, seasonal ‘wild’ foods, and other useful plants. Set in and around Chalford valley, the monthly … more >