Terroir Chalford Wine Collective


2010 – 2012

This community venture pooled the produce, resources and skills of local grape growers – be they veterans, beginners, the knowledgeable or the clueless – with the aim of producing and sharing locally produced wine.

October 2010 saw the first pressing of the Terroir Chalford Wine Collective. In the fine autumn sunshine nine households from the valley and hill delivered a total of 114 kg of home-grown, mostly unidentified, Chalford grapes.  Using many hands, buckets, a fence post and the Ashmeads press – along with the odd glass of wine of to remind us where we were heading – grapes were turned in 75 litres juice. Which in turn, if Bacchus is with us, will end up as 26l of Blanc de Blanc, 34l of Valley Red and 15l of experimental rose.


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