Some Vacant Accommodation


‘We Salute You’ by Jonty Lees

Stroud Valleys Artspace, January 2007. Curated in collaboration with Colin Glen. A two and a half day collaborative exhibition event held at the newly refurbished, but still mostly unoccupied SVA buildings in Stroud. The event encompassed a range of site-specific works, performances, critical responses, interventions, ideas, and dialogues by invited artists and curators from across the UK

Artists involved: Sarah B, Richard Robinson & Robert Bermingham, Sean Borodale & Louisa Fairclough, Gordon Dalton, Lisa Le Feuvre, Neville Gabie, Colin Glen, Beth Greenhalgh, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Sam Hasler, Colin Higginson, Rupert Howe, Simon Jones, Jo Leahy, Sara Kenchington, Richard Layzell, Jonty Lees, Amanda Lorens, Oogoo Maia, Oliver Marsden, Scott Martin, Carmel Oliver, Julie Penfold, Mark Pitcher, James Porter, Simon Poulter, Lorrain Robins, Simon Ryder, Anthony Shapland, Lorna Trupec, Dominic Thomas, Niel Walker.

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