Camp Zero +1

Churchtown Farm, Fowey, Cornwall. June 2013.

Camp central with work 'inflate/deflate' by Andy Webster

Camp central with work ‘inflate/deflate’ by Andy Webster

It’s easy to imagine the end of the world… but we cannot imagine the end of capitalism. So what are we doing here? Slavoj Zizek speaking at Occupy Wall Street in 2011.

Camp 0+1 set out to be a collective exploration of alternatives to that dilemma, one which brought together artists, social activists, community groups and citizens. A residential camping weekend of participatory and collaborative events, discussions, workshops, actions and artworks it was an event which explored issues of ecology and political action alongside those of cultural production and examined the role of art as an incubator for alternative strategies.

CAMP 0+1 was curated and co-ordinated by Dominic Thomas in collaboration with Sara Bowler and Rupert Howe

With contributions from: Bruce Davies, Anne-Marie Culhane, Janet McEwan, Kate Southworth, Andy Webster, Kate Rich/Feral Trade.

Visit Camp 0 website here

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