BioDomestic Workshops

A series of hands on DIY workshops, demonstrations and talks lead by some of Strouds most cultured producers that explore the skills and techniques needed to work with wild and cultivated yeasts, fungi, bacteria and microbes in the home. The … more >

Edible Landscapes

  Regular wild food and natural resources workshops, Chalford, Glos 2012 -14. Edible Landscape was a series of monthly guided walks that explored local landscapes, seasonal ‘wild’ foods, and other useful plants. Set in and around Chalford valley, the monthly … more >

Young Roots

a video production project devised and produced in collaboration with members of Swindon Underground Youth Club and Cirencester College Media Department. Credits Starring (as themselves) Adrienne Southern Asta Page Becky Wickens Jamie Carter Kim Bell Laura O’Sullivan Megan O’Sullivan Megan … more >